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Tracy sets himself apart from many. The air is filled with joy and love when he walks into the room. You can truly feel it. I have worked with him within many different groups and find that when he speaks, the group is silent. Everyone waits for what he says as if what he says is gold. His ideas are well thought out and from his success in the military and civil sector. He seems to understand what makes people tick and thrives on making other successful and expounds on giving credit where credit is due - never to himself.

He founded the honor flight in San Antonio (SA), TX. From nothing he took 30 WWII veterans from SA to D.C., at no cost to the vet, for the first flight. Ended taking 300! He now takes WWII vets to Normandy France, and Bastogne, Belgium in June and Sept each year to reflect on their battlefields-at no cost to the vet! His personal mission is life is to serve others and allow them to heal in their own way - without wanting any credit to himself.

Countless WWII veterans have began, after over 70 years, to talk to their families and friends about service in combat and war. He has helped over 300 WWII veterans and met new ones that he also has helped get through life. Every week he comes to senior citizens breakfast groups and talks about them - not him.

I admire Tracy for what he does for others. He served in may combat theaters in over 20 years in special operations in the military and no one still knows anything about him. It's not about him - it's about others. He is a true hero.

It would be used to SHOW not talk about about WWII veterans. It would assist him in getting veterans to places they must see before they depart the earth. He always says it a race. Time is going too fast and he seems to not be able to make enough money to do the wonderful thing he wants to do - get our veterans to places they can heal and enjoy life again.

Tracy served in Panama (Operation Just cause)-Desert Shield/Desert Storm-Task Force Ranger in Somalia-Iraq. Plus countless other locations he can't speak of. Its never about him. All he cares about is others and this donation would help him with his mission.

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